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Document / Passport Pouch

As international travelers know, it's important to keep your identification, extra cash, and most importantly, your passport, safe.

For most missionaries, when they venture out on a mission, it is their first time outside of the country. They find themselves in a foreign land, away from parents and friends and honestly, a little bit scared.

International criminals love missionaries. They know that they are young and not-very-street smart when it comes to travel, and they use that to their advantage. An 18 or 19-year-old who looks lost and is traveling alone makes for an easy target.

Don't be a target. This document pouch is designed to be used in conjunction with your belt to secure your sensitive documents inside your dress slacks where thieves can't physically reach in and pick your pocket.

Your call asks for it. We want to keep you safe. Use the document pouch and you will be.