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Secrid Wallets

Secrid Wallets started making wallets in Holland in 1995 and have been at the forefront of quality innovation since its inception. There are many imitations out in the marketplace and many are cheaper than the products Secrid makes, but very few are as well-built or work as well as these. Made in dozens of colors and styles, you'll not only impress your friends, family, and colleagues with these fine wallets, they'll also slim down your back pocket for fewer unsightly wear marks from bulbous traditional wallets.

Standard Cardprotectors hold six cards. Slimwallets and Miniwallets will hold six cards on the aluminum case, an additional 2-4 in the outer casing, as well as paper bills in the patented thermoplastic bill-fold. Twinwallets hold 12 cards in the aluminum cases, an additional 2-4 in the outer casing, and paper bills in the thermoplastic bill-fold.

All of the leather is painstakingly sourced from European sources to ensure only the highest quality leathers go into making your wallet.

All this and a 3 year warranty as well. Take your wallet to the next level with Secrid.