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Shoe Polish Kit

To make leather shoes last their longest, it's an absolute necessity that they are polished at least once a week. The wax polish does more than add color and shine, it nourishes the leather and keeps it from fading, cracking, and degrading prematurely.

While simple shoe polish kits can be found fairly easily, ones with genuine horse hair brushes cannot. We only stock kits with those particular brushes because they last much longer and can be cleaned out, washed and reused. Kits with sponges cannot be effectively cleaned out and wear out much faster.

This shoe polish kit contains two tins of polish, an applicator brush, a cleaning/polishing brush, and a shine cloth all inside a handy zipper bag to keep things clean.

Don't neglect your shoes! They take the most abuse out of everything you will own, and with proper care, they will take care of you.

(NOTE: Brand of wax may differ from brand shown based on availability.)