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Wireless Charging Alarm Clock

This lightweight alarm clock is one of the newest additions to our catalog and has been a big hit! Most of the time, a standard alarm clock isn't of much use in the modern world. However, we still do get people asking about them so we set out to find a clock that made more sense to modern consumers.

So when our team found this alarm clock that doubles as a wireless charger, we felt like it was a perfect fit. With numerous studies saying that phone screen light can be detrimental to quality sleep, this clock allows you to check the time without waking you up with blue light typical to phones while charging it at the same time. 

Compatible with both Android and iPhone, no matter which you prefer, this will juice your device up overnight without worrying about annoying bent or fraying cords. It will also work on earphones that have wireless charging features. 

Important notes:

Not ALL phones have wireless charging capabilities. If you are unsure, please check before purchasing.

There is no battery in the clock, so the unit itself will not work if it is not plugged in to a USB power source.