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Ricardo Seahaven 2.0

This set is a stunner! Heavy-duty water-resistant polyester reinforced floor, wheels, and corners mean it's also the sturdiest set we carry. It differs from most mainstream luggage in that it features separate zippered suit/pant compartments in the front of each piece, meaning you never have to think about where to put your nice clothing because it has it's very own spot. Heavy-duty twin wheels on each corner enhance stability and smooth rolling, while the three included packing cubes make organizing a snap. We also can't forget the carry-on piece sports a USB passthrough so you can hook up your charging pack (not included) to the case and charge your devices without ever opening the case. Very cool stuff.

  • 2-inch expansion
  • Rigid, reinforced multi-stage extending handles
  • Dual independent wheels on each corner
  • 10-year warranty
  • 3-1-1 liquids bag in each piece
  • Separate suit/pant compartment in the front of each piece
  • 3 packing cubes included at no extra charge
  • USB passthrough for charging devices
  • Measurements
    • Large piece - 62 Total Dimensional Inches (29h x 20w x 11d + 2ex), 9.6lbs
    • Middle piece - 55 Total Dimensional Inches (25h x 18w x 10d + 2ex), 8.6lbs
    • Carry on Piece - 45 Total Dimensional Inches (20.5h x 14w x 8.5d + 2ex), 6.8lbs