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Tempest 2.0 - All-Weather Coat

When we started making our first coat over a decade ago, we knew we had a good thing. It checked all the boxes on what we wanted and needed in a coat and it still is a great coat today.

When we went back to see where we could make a great coat even better, it wasn't a decision we took lightly, but one we felt would give our customers more options in their winter gear. 

We slimmed the profile down, shortened up the body, and put adjusters on the sleeve. We added waterproof pockets and made the hood more functional. We replaced the fleece removable lining with a more contemporary puffer coat lining, and at the same time we made the temperature range of the coat broader. What does that mean? It means with the liner out, it's lighter weight; making it more useful for more of the warmer months. It also means with the puffer coat liner in, it's warmer. 

Overall we improved our coat in every way we could find (and we will continue to do so based on feedback and real-world experience) and hope it meets the needs of even more of our hard working customers.